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Building Confidence

Warriors on the Green (WOTG) is dedicated to using the game of golf to improve the lives of our wounded, ill, or injured service members, veterans, and their families. Golf provides many mental well-being benefits. Research shows that golf can help individuals improve their confidence, self-esteem, and anxiety levels and is a proven treatment for depression and anxiety.

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Building Connections

Our plan is to build dedicated, year-round golf training facilities near military installations with large veteran populations. Visitors will connect with others like themselves and begin living more meaningful and happier lives.

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WoTG Updates

SSG George Jordan golfing with friends

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For SSG George Jordan, the game of golf has helped the retired Army veteran reclaim his life.  Twenty years in the U.S. Army and multiple ...

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Four war veterans from World War II, Korea and Operation Iraqi Freedom were honored at the Veterans Day Concert in downtown Baltimore on November 10.  ...
External News

New HBO Documentary Puts a Much-Needed Face to Complex Veteran Struggles with PTSD

Source: By: J.D. Simkins, Military Times “When I first got back home from Afghanistan, my dad was like, ‘Hey, if you ever want to talk, ...

Inspiring Stories

It gave me the opportunity to have that camaraderie with my brothers and sisters from all branches of the military. I really enjoyed getting up and coming out on a Saturday just to enjoy that friendship and that brotherhood and sisterhood that I had when I was in the military.
Sgt Michele Sealy USAF (Ret.)
Sgt Michele Sealy
USAF (Ret.)
It saved my marriage. It saved my relationship with my kids. It saved me. To me this program is a giant family. We get together within the program to learn golf, to better ourselves in the game of golf, but we also try to get the word of mouth out about this program and what it does for warriors.
TSgt Michael Towne USAF (Ret.)
TSgt Michael Towne
USAF (Ret.)
Being a wounded vet, you go through a lot of PTSD, all this trauma, and I feel like this program really takes all the burden from my family. When I’m on the golf course just enjoying myself, I’m not thinking about being sick. I feel myself. I know what I am. I feel much better.
SGT Jimmy Ochan SA (Ret.)
SGT Jimmy Ochan
SA (Ret.)

Quotes above are from clients of our partner, Links to Freedom and the work they do for our service members.

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