Gianna Rojas


Ms. Gianna Rojas, known globally as the One-Handed Lady Golfer, founded Adaptive Golfers in May 2017 to be a resource for all differently (not dis-) ABLED individuals to use golf as a therapeutic and leisure activity.  Gianna Rojas had been sitting on the “sidelines” most of her life growing up in an era when out of the upmost respect society was taught don’t look, don’t stare, and don’t ask questions.  About 8 years ago, with her husband playing a lot of golf, she decided she didn’t want to be left out any more and started learning to play golf.  Not only has she developed a nice one-handed swing that can drive a ball 150 yards, Gianna is using her voice to share her experience and journey to assist and inspire others who don’t know they can, and then help direct them to the appropriate resources to begin. The LPGA has named her as one of the TOP Woman “DISRUPTOR” revolutionizing the industry.  Gianna is a sought after Speaker and Presenter.  She was also selected by the USGA to be part of the initial World Ranking system designed to provide a competitive pathway and platform for Golfers with Disabilities.

Gianna Rojas "One Handed Lady Golfer"
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