It is our hope to build at least 10 practice facilities on U.S. military bases in the next 5 years. 

Our Line of Attack

These practice facilities could include an indoor clubhouse with hitting bays, outdoor putting green, or golf holes adapted to the special needs of these wounded warriors.

Facility Rendering - Exterior

Veteran Clubhouse

Our facilities aim to be built in close proximity to U.S. military bases so that they are easily accessible to service members, active and retired. They will also be suited to fit the numerous needs of the injured and ill. Not only will they be a place of healing but a place of comradery.  

Golf Simulators

Golf simulators allow service members and their families to practice and play a virtual round of golf on courses 24/7, anytime of year. It can also be used in conjunction with therapists who can do a head-to-toe evaluation of their swing.  By analyzing a swing in real time, experts can help identify the root cause of pain or determine how physical limitations in a player’s body can adversely affect their swing.

Indoor Putting Green

This amenity offers another way for a professional to analyze and correct a player’s short game and swing. It also offers another option for service members to practice and perfect their game. 

Our First Mission

Fort Belvoir, VA

The first facility is planned for Fort Belvoir, VA, which has a large population of wounded, ill, or injured service members and veterans, many of whom received initial rehabilitated in the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) there. WTUs support soldiers requiring at least 6 months of rehabilitative care and complex medical management, as well as mobilized reserve component soldiers requiring definitive care. The injuries of these soldiers range from upper/lower extremity injuries to traumatic brain injuries.

Fort Belvoir’s therapeutic golf program has already achieved significant success, but its facilities are inadequate to accommodate larger numbers of wounded warriors. Adding a Veterans Clubhouse and indoor/outdoor putting green for year-round training and rehab will allow the Fort Belvoir program to increase its therapeutic golf offerings and become the national model for the WOTG concept.

Our Longer-Term Strategy

It is our hope that this first facility at Fort Belvoir will be the national model for the WOTG concept and will help get the ball rolling on other planned facilities across the country. Discussions are underway at Fort Gordon, GA, and San Antonio, TX.  Help us get our plans off the ground.

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